ASEAN Business Association is a Business association that aims to provide a platform to encourage and promote Cambodian and people from other ASEAN countries to join together under one association to direct link, match, promote and any other possible ways for business between Cambodia and other ASEAN countries.

ASEAN Business Association’s essence is to be a well-mixed Business Association with members from both Cambodia and foreign businesses from ASEAN countries. Cambodia being a young and rapid growing economy, as a Business association, we target to help promote and grow local entrepreneur by linking them up directly with members from ASEAN countries. When the time is right, it will also be our Association duty to through our foreign member to connect local businesses to expand to other ASEAN countries. 

In ASEAN Business Association, we have a well-mixed of representative from both local and foreign association and businesses. We have associated with ASEAN Retail-chain Franchise Federation (ARFF) & SME from Malaysia, Asia Pacific Entrepreneur from Singapore , and Entrepreneur from Hong Kong and more to come. Together as associates, we will create more business opportunities to all our members. All our Patrons and Advisors are the leader of their industries to support and found this Association together with our committee and share with us their knowledge and influences. We believe all our members will be able to benefit greatly from this and in turn help us to reach greater height.


  • To work with other ASEAN related business association to promote business interested in expanding within Cambodia and ASEAN.

  • To pursue common interest in marketing and promotion of members’ products and services within Cambodia, ASEAN region and the world.

  • To promote and initiate education in upgrading and recognizing good business models, practices, products and services within Cambodia, ASEAN region and the world.


  • To provide platform to link, match, promote, cultivate, grow, start and any other possible ways for businesses between Cambodia and other ASEAN country.

  • To share resources for mutual benefits, in particularly for business expansion and product development.

  • To advocate for and work towards the advancement of the rights and interest of its members.